Looking for some resources? For each episode of OnPoint Parenting, we will provide resources here, to help assist parents with issues they may be facing at home.

Episode Two - Understanding Anxiety

Episode Four: Finding Your Inner Compass: Spirituality and Mental Health


  • Health and Well-Being: Developing the Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual Well-Being of Students, Staff, and Teachers. Patrick Carney & Catherine O’Brien. (2020) Chapter 15. In O’Brien, C. & Howard, P. (2020). Living Schools: Transforming Education. ESWB Press. (OPEN SOURCE) (e-book)

  • The Spiritual Child - The New Science on Parenting for Health and Lifelong Thriving by Lisa Miller (2015)

Episode Five: Summer Strategies and Finding Balance


  • Dr. Susan Linn: The Case For Make Believe: Saving Play in a Commercialized World (2009)

  • Robert Brooks and Sam Goldstein: Raising Resilient Children

Websites & Links

Special Summer Series: Episode One: I Don't Want To Go Back to School and You Can't Make Me!

Special Summer Series: Episode Two: I’m excited to go back to back to school!! I am so nervous to go back to school!!!

Special Summer Series Episode Three: I don't want to talk about it

Parent episode: “I know she’ll be fine, but I just can’t stop worrying about her… it has been so long!”

Other Helpful Resources and Websites

Episode Six: Communication matters! How to set up home-school communication for success.